Chichi and its amazing technicolour market

Travelling around Guatemala is pretty easy, but involves a makeshift networked alchemy in which a variety of tiny hotpotch agencies all offering the same tours and dealing only in cash and handwritten tickets (always worth negotiating the price!) somehow manage to despatch trucks, buses and vans to the right hostels and hotels where drivers shout your name from scribbled down scraps of paper and notebooks to make sure you get on the right one.

For our trip from Antigua to the world famous market of Chichicastenango and on to lake Atitlán this system almost comes unravelled when Continue reading “Chichi and its amazing technicolour market”

Suns and lavas

For a gentle, civilised, cultural and geological introduction to the incredible country of Guatemala you couldn’t really do any better than to head to Antigua, the old capital of the country from 1541 when the Agua Volcano despatched a torrent of lava and mud to destroy the first capital established by conquistador Pedro de Alvarado, until 1773 when an earthquake shattered most buildings in Antigua and the capital moved again to its current spot in Guatemala City.

And it’s here to Antigua we head straight from the airport, where from the rooftop of our quaint, antique-cluttered hotel Posada San Sebastian we can see Continue reading “Suns and lavas”

¡Vámanos! Guatemala here we go!

Once a year, GO SOMEPLACE that you’ve never been before. – Dalai Lama

Thanks for joining us on our first joint adventure! This Boxing Day evening , with two rucksacks stuffed with shorts & T-shirts and two bellies stuffed with ale & Christmas turkey (or Lisa’s secret nut roast recipe in Barbs’ case), we’ll be climbing aboard an overnight flight to Guatemala via Mexico City.

Why Guatemala? (Or Hhhwatemarla, as Lisa insists on everyone pronouncing it – let’s see how the locals feel, eh?!) Well … Continue reading “¡Vámanos! Guatemala here we go!”

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